IVG LegendGraham Edit

Nathan "LegendGraham" Graham is IVG's current midlaner. He plays champion such as Lucian, Graves, Kog' Maw,and MF. He always does the most damage in games.

Trivia Edit

Known to troll during Champion Select in Solo Queue.

Purposefully banned out teammate xXEcksEcksXx during a scrimmage.

Has two Ranked Pentakills as Twisted Fate.

Favorite Champion is Elise.

Pretends he is from Bosnia in SoloQ.

Has no clue about female anatomy.

Won Best Lee Sin Tournament vs Hi Im Corgi.

Known for split pushing

Kicked Kyle "Kyrru" Moreton for jacking off during a stream.

kicked John "Someguy22" Pham for being gay on Kyle's stream.

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