An official statement regarding recent roster changes:

Recently we benched Ryan "xXEcksEcksXx" Bunyard due to a few reasons.  We added Darren "TheLoudAsian" Lee as a junglier and moved Nathan "LegendGraham" to mid lane.  We believe these changes are healthy for the team and we have seen continuous and consistent success with the new roster, securing two pentas for the team and multiple wins.  We decided to bench Ryan "xXEcksEcksXx" Bunyard because of his small champion pool and his consistent negative attitude.  Also he got dun caught out ONCE.

Penta Club: Nathan "LegendGraham" Graham twice because he is so good.

Not Ryan "xXEcksEcksXx" Bunyard because he has never gotten a penta.

Recently our main ADC Jon "Someguy22" Pham was recently drafted for the Korean Army and will be back shorly. Ryan "Corgi' Sangster is replacing him currently while Tony "Blademan15" Boom is playing top all while using a lot ziggs in his pool.

We accept any form of donations, so feel free to do it here:

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 12.44.43 PM

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